Calipips Daycare Centre

Calipips Daycare Centre is the best and most caring centre you’ll find this side of the Sims world. We take care of all ages, from newborn to teens while you’re hard at work or sick in hospital… We have single Babies rooms, a shared child room, Showers, Toilets, Play Kitchen for the young kiddies, Toys for all, Computers and books for the older kiddies, Swings, a Sandpit and Lemonade stands for fun and learning. We’re here for you.
Calipips Daycare Centre 1

I’m pretty sure you can’t use this daycare centre as an actual daycare centre, but it doesn’t just have to be a decorative/fill-in for your Sims town, I’ve added the playground things so it can still at least be used as a simple playground, even though the rest is pretty useless. With more Sims2 packs and/or some CC, you’ll be able to make this look much better. 🙂

Sims2 packs used are (Pre-SecuROM), Base Game, Uni, Nightlife, OFB and Seasons.
Does not contain CC or Hacks.

Download Here!

Calipips Daycare Centre by Calipip4 (Lisa Pham)

Calipip Lap Pool

2x Lap Pools, Waterslide Pool, BBQs, Coffee, Public toilets/showers, Spas for the grownups and a Playgound for the little ones.
Calipip Lap Pool 1

Sims2 packs used are (Pre-SecuROM), Base Game, Uni, Nightlife, OFB and Seasons.
Does not contain CC or Hacks.

Download Here!

Calipip Lap Pool by Calipip4 (Lisa Pham)

Co-Ed Uni Dorms

6x Dorm rooms, each with own Toilet & Hand Basin, Robe and Balcony with Easel
Common area: Showers & Toilets, Large Kitchen/Dining, Reading room, Music room with the lot, Snack machines, 4x Desks with PC’s, Telescopes, Spa, Pool, Bubble Blower, Bonfire and Solar Panels.
Co-Ed Uni Dorms 1

I have all EP’s and M&G.
Does not contain CC or Hacks.

Download Here!

Co-Ed Uni Dorms by Calipip4 (Lisa Pham)

Sandy Shore Shops

Purchase Games, Groceries, Pets, Clothing, or have a go on the stage and play Music on the Drums or Guitar,  have a Coffee, sit by the Bonfire, play a game of Chess, go for a Swim, Sunbathe, build a Sandcastle, have a BBQ, play on the Swings, or just lazy about on the Beach Loungers.
Also included are public Toilets and outside Showers for your Simmies to wash off the salt & sand before returning home. 😉
Sandy Shore Shops 1

I have all EP’s installed and M&G.
Does not contain CC or Hacks.
Download Here!

Sandy Shore Shops by Calipip4 (Lisa Pham)

Park Living

Why not live in the park?
Yes, it can be done without hacks although there is a Global Hack you can use/try over at Mod The Sims if you want, but I haven’t tried it.

Total cost: 114,485
Anyway, I set up a test one of these parks and put a newly created Sim into it and it can be done with this park which is set to residential. Yes it is expensive, but considering the size of the Lot, plus everything in it, you can’t expect much lower without removing a lot of it’s aesthetics. With this lot you are only restricted by the types of foods your Sims can cook/eat, but the best part is you can catch fish to grill on the BBQ and you all know what that means (Sparkly/Filling food). 😀
Park Living 1

For those that just want this as a Park (Community Lot), there is a link below. There are only a few differences between the two Lots, one is Residential and one is Community, And the Gazebo in the middle is obviously different with one containing a bed, etc and the other one some seats and a fireplace (image below) anything else are minor changes.

Included on the Lot: Single bed for Sleeping, a Bookcase for Studying most skills (as usual), Chess for Logic, Easel for Creativity, BBQ for grilling your Fish/Hamburgers/Hotdogs, Showers/Toilets for Hygiene/Bladder, Mirrors for Charisma, a Swing and Hot Tub for Fun, the ability to purchase a mobile phone for Communication/Social, Snack Machines for obvious reasons 😛 , a bonfire for toasting Marshmallows or keeping warm and a River for catching Fish/Food. For Body skill you will need to do Skipping, then go Jogging when you have that option. Note: I have removed the residential phone seen on the coffee table since taking the screenshots.
I have all EP’s installed and M&G.
Does not contain CC or Hacks.

Download Park Living (Residential Lot) Here!

Calipip Sims Park
Calipip Sims Park 1Calipip Sims Park 3Download the Park (Community Lot) Here!

Anyway, it’s not as hard as you think to get your Simmies living the simple life.
Shower your Sim often to keep warm in winter as it gets pretty darned cold. 😉

Park Living by Calipip4 (Lisa Pham)