Calipips Orphanage

Total cost: 269,420 – Fully Furnished
1x – Boys Bedroom, 1x – Girls Bedroom, 1x Baby Nursery, 2x – Boys Bathroom, 2x – Girls Bathroom, 1x Adults Bedroom, Large Kitchen/Dining Room, Large Lounge Room, Computer/Study Room, Baby Playroom, Music Area and Reception area
Common area: Playground, Sandpit, Pool, Easels, Telescope, Chess, Exercise Room and BBQ area

I have all EPs and SPs including M&G
Does not contain CC or Hacks

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Calipips Orphanage by Calipip4 (Lisa Pham)

Calipips Tiny Dorms

6x – Dorm rooms: each with own Shower, Toilet & Hand Basin, Table & Chair for homework and Bookcase for Studying
Common area: Toilets, Large Kitchen/Dining, Loungeroom with Desks and PCs, Bookcases and Console Game, Music Room with Piano, Drums & Guitar, Telescope, Chess, Spa, Pool with Waterslide, Bubble Blower, Fruit Punch Barrel and BBQ calipips_tiny_dorms-1

Sims2 packs used are all Pre-SecuROM:
EP’s: Base Game, Uni, Nightlife, OFB, Pets and Seasons
Does not contain CC or Hacks

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Calipips Tiny Dorms by Calipip4 (Lisa Pham)

Calipips Holiday Inn Motel

Any Holiday Destination
From 590 Simoleons per night

11x Motel Rooms: With own Bathroom & Includes Room Service
Motel facilities include: Recreation Room with TV, Bookcase, Computers, Arcade Machines and Pinball Machines, Snack Machines, Gift Shop in the Reception area, Outdoor Chess, Playground and Outdoor Fastfood Diner calipips_holiday_inn_motel-1

I have all EP’s and M&G
Does not contain CC or Hacks

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Calipips Holiday Inn Motel by Calipip4 (Lisa Pham)