My Very Dear Friend Kathleen Lynch Has Passed Away

Sadly, on Monday, 23rd of March, just before midday local Sydney time Kathleen passed away, unable to fully recover from her brain surgery and the following treatment.

I was about to board a plane to visit Kath in hospital when I got the news that I was too late. I was on my way to say hello and possibly goodbye, but sadly I never got to do either. Now the next step is the memorial service on Monday.

Sorry for the late notice to simmers who knew Kath (saraswati), but I’ve been busy trying to help the family get through this horrible time and help get things ready for Monday’s memorial.

Kath had formed many strong bonds of friendship with the Sims community and she will be sadly missed by MANY, family and friends alike.

The one thing I will always be greatful for, is that without Kath, my husband (Martin) and I would never have met. Thank you Kath. *hugs*

R.I.P my dear friend. ❤️

Kath a week before she passed away.

Kath a week before she passed away. It’s hard to imagine she is no longer with us.

If you would like to read more about this, you can visit RYG.

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