Game Evaluations

You can find all the Game Evaluations in their appropriate alphabet section in the Sub Menus of here.

Some of the evaluations were done using our ProjectRYG 2 evaluation process and our updated ProjectRYG 3 evaluation process. ProjectRYG 3 simply covers more areas.

What you see in these reports is what we found at the time of doing them. If anything has changed since then it is obviously not reflected in the reports.

It is up to you decide what you think is good or bad or if anything bothers you or not. Some people don’t care about DRM, some don’t care if a game Phones Home, or if there are things you weren’t told about before purchase. It is not our job to decide for you… we just simply tell you what we found while doing the evaluations. But remember, sometimes when it’s advertised as DRM Free it doesn’t actually turn out to be DRM Free or all that consumer friendly.

Anyway, read through the reports and decide for yourself. 🙂

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