Celebration Time

Today is 11/12/13  Pretty cool, huh? Which is special, but there is another reason this day is also very special.

Today marks the 3rd Anniversary with my loving husband Martin, whom I love more than life and much more than words could ever describe.

Happy Anniversary, Martin.
3rd Anniversary 11/12/13

My Birthday

Happy Birthday CandlesHi everyone,

Tomorrow is my Birthday, so instead of the usual publishing of 1 Lot, I’ll be giving you 8 to download if you want/like them. They will consist of 6 Houses and 2 Community Lots…and All Pre-SecuROM.

Also, as a heads-up, after tomorrows uploads, all lots will consist of not only Pre-SecuROM EPs, but also the Pre-SecuROM SPs. But don’t worry, I’ll list them in the publications for you to know what packs have been used.

Lisa 🙂
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It’s Celebration Time!

Today is Calipip Sims 1st Birthday. 🙂

Calipip Sims 1st BirthdayCalipip Sims’s name is derived from my old username ‘Calipip4‘, so to mark this special occasion, I’ve added 4 houses to take on the ‘4‘ in Calipip4. 😀

Those houses are…
73 Calipip Road * 74 Calipip Road * 75 Calipip Road * 76 Calipip Road *
I hope you like them.

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Grieving for my trusty desktop (now dead)

UPDATE 3: I now have my desktop working again (had to save for parts), so, that means I can do both lots of building/creating- Pre-SecuROM stuff and stuff with all the packs, including doing some recolours of Rugs, Pictures and now something new for me, Furniture Recolours. 🙂

UPDATE 2: I’ve reinstalled PETS because I miss some of it’s content I like to use when I build/decorate.

UPDATE: This is not my week (the last 7 days), now my game on the laptop has messed up beyond repair, so I’m going to have to uninstall and reinstall. This means I will only be installing the EPs up to Seasons (Pre-SecuROM packs), except for Pets, which I’ll leave out this time. So, I guess the decision was made for me.

I’ll Upload another LOT as soon as I can. 🙂

Yes, as the title says, my trusty old desktop died yesterday afternoon. It was the one I was creating the Pre-SecuROM Lots with. Now I have to decide what to do… Do I keep all the EPs on this laptop and just make ALL EP lots, or do I uninstall everything and only reinstall the Pre-SecuROM packs (at least for a while anyway)?

I’ll think hard over the next few days then make a decision, but in the meantime, I’ll only be able to update this week with a lot created from ALL EPs.

Sorry about that, but I also didn’t get to do a backup in time either, which means I lost a lot more than just my Sims stuff. *sigh*

The only other thing I can do is get it checked out at the local PC repair shop… I have a feeling it might only be a blown power supply. If that’s what it turns out to be, then I’ll save the money to buy a new one, then I’ll then be back in business. *Fingers Crossed*

I’ll let everyone know what I decided to do sometime this week.

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