Beach Road Lots

Sadly, there are none finished yet, but I will be adding my first in my new series (Beach Road) soon. I realised that I’d never made any Beach Lots so decided it’s about time I did, so I also decided that I would do a series of House and Work from Home (Home-Work) Lots.

I will also make some Community, Apartments and Hotels Lots on the Beach, but, they will have their own Random names like always and will be in their appropriate Menus, although I will use *Beach Lots* as a tag for easy searching.

In other words, I’ll be building the same sort of House Lots as I am for my *Calipip Road* series, but this time they will ALL be on the Beach.

As usual, you will still be able to access my other random Houses via their own Menu link (they’re mostly my older houses).