Calipip Sims Church2

A Work from Home Lot
This Church is set to Residential and would suit a single Sim (see “Church Ministering Career” mod below).
Total cost: 93,381 – Fully furnished.
Includes Kitchen facilities, 1 small Bedroom and a Bathroom…  Also has a Bookcase, Piano and Chess so your Sims can still get all their basic skills.
Calipip Sims Church2 1

I have all EP’s installed and M&G.
Does not contain CC or Hacks.
Download Here!
There are a few things you would need to add to make it look more like a real church than I have but that would require a Stuff pack or Two or if you already have some Church themed CC. If not, I’ve seen some over at Mod the Sims so you might find something there you like. I’m sure there are still many other sites you can get Church themed CC from too.

On a very quick search I found these and I’m sure there are many more on there…

*Crusifix recolours
*Holy Bible Study Book Default Replacement
*A cross for your Church and an updated wall crucifix
*Church Set
*New books: 7 religious books NO REPLACEMENT update: recolors added
*Religious Books for all major world religions, New Pie Menus
*Picture “Angels”. Recolor by SvetLanka
*The church icon of the holy martyrs Sofia, Hope, Faith and Love. Recolor by SvetLanka
*Jesus’s Grace Painting
*Church Ministering Career

There are thousands of items to look through, so happy hunting for goodies for your Sims…. Mod The Sims (for Sims 2 downloads)

There are few items here …
*Church items from Around the Sims 2
*Christian Church items
*Jewish items
*More Christian Items

You can also check through some of the other Sims site found in my Fav sites list found on my Home page.

Calipip Sims Church2 by Calipip4 (Lisa Pham)

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