52 Calipip Road

Total cost: 67,958 – Fully furnished.
3x Bedrooms, 1x Bathroom, Lounge room, Large Kitchen/Dining room, Chess, Animal Yard with Pond, 4 small Animal Enclosures, Dog kennel, Fruit trees and Veggie garden.
52 Calipip Road 1

I have all EP’s installed and M&G.
Does not contain CC or Hacks.
Download Here!

Helpful INFO:
A One-Stop thread on ModTheSims to visit for a heap of Medieval things to use is here in The Dark Project (look for the 14 post/links under the main image for the split-up items). Also look through my links for other sites where you’ll find some more great goodies.

52 Calipip Road by Calipip4 (Lisa Pham)

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