116 Calipip Road

A Work from Home Lot
Coffee & Cake From Home
Total cost: 132,205 – Fully Furnished
Downstairs: Coffee Server, Serving Counter, Chill Displays and Workers Staff Room & Sunroom.
Upstairs: 2x Bedrooms, 1x Bathroom, Open Plan Kitchen/Dining/Lounge Room and Easel.
Outside: Swings, Sandpit, Public Phone, Unisex Public Bathroom, Pond and Chess.
Note: To stop Sims from going past the counter and into private areas, click on the doors each side of the counter and select only allow employees, etc. That will keep Sims from going further than the store/shop/public area.
116 Calipip Road 1

Sims2 packs used are all Pre-SecuROM:
EP’s: Base Game, Uni, Nightlife, OFB, Pets and Seasons.
SP’s: Happy Holiday Pack, Family Fun, Glamour Life and Celebration.
Does not contain CC or Hacks.
Download Here!

116 Calipip Road (Coffee & Cake From Home) by Calipip4 (Lisa Pham)

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